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 I AM the Danger - AJ Skills

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AJ Skills


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PostSubject: I AM the Danger - AJ Skills   Tue Jul 01, 2014 8:10 pm

A short man in a suit walks out from the backstage area.

He has spiked hair, and he is wearing a pair of sunglasses. In one hand he has a breifcase, and in the other he has a small sheet of paper. He walks down the ramp normally, and walks around the ring. He finally makes it over to where the announcers are sitting. He hands the sheet of paper to the ring announcer, Lily Carter, and leans in towards her. He whispers something in her ear momentarely and then turns around, walking back around the ring. He walks back up the ramp, onto the stage, and back to the backstage area. All of the lights except for a few power off in the arena, leaving it almost pitch black. The spotlights in the arena power back on, gold in color, and start to shine around the arena. The titantron turns all gold. In a darker gold color, the "ORW" logo appears on the screen.

Lily Carter: " Ehem.. ladies and gentleman... please welcome... "

The camera zooms out to show more of the picture. The words "World Heavyweight Champion" appear below it in black.

Lily Carter: " From Detroit, Michigan... "

It continues to zoom out out to show that it's the ORW World Heavyweight Championship Belt.

Lily Carter: " The NEW World Heavyweight champion and ... "

Justin Test: " Ooooh, the show just got interesting! "

The ring announcer pauses breifly and scoffs into the microphone, looking around for a moment. She rolls her eyes and continues.

Lily Carter: " The greatest wrestler in the world... "

A few light purple spotlights power on and aim directly at the entrance area.

Rebecca Rahming: ''Greatest Wrestler in the world"? You have got to be kidding me... "

Lily Carter: " The Icon ... "

Fireworks shoot off from both sides of the entrance area as "Break the Walls Down" by Adam Morenoff plays off the speakers in the area.

Justin Test: " This man is AMAZING! He deserves that title, and he damn well shows it. You know, in his entire run with the ORW company, he's only lost once, and that was to Tidus! But he avenged that loss at the last pay per view, "ORW: Blood, Sweat, and Tears", when he defeated Tidus to become the World Heavyweight Champion! "

Lily Carter: " A... J... SKILLS!!! "

The picture of the ORW World Heavyweight Championship disappears from the screen, being replaced by videos of AJ Skills' most dominant moments in ORW.

Rebecca Rahming: " Yes, Justin, we all know you're obsessed with AJ Skills... "

The ring announcer turns around and climbs down and out of the ring. AJ Skills steps out from behind the curtain, as a large cloud of fog follows him.

He is wearing a golden, black trimmed pair of pants, tight to his skin, and a vest, black with gold trim. He has the ORW World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. He holds a microphone in his hand. He walks onto the stage, as the fog has now covered the stage. The fog begins to pour off the stage and splash to the arena floor. AJ Skills stops in the middle of the stage and throws his arms into the air, looking up with his hands. Fireworks shoot off up and down the stagefront, as most of the lights shut off in the arena. Many strips of LED power on along the stage, illuminating the fog in a light purple color. AJ Skills puts a smirk onto his face and makes his way down to the ring. He struts, selfconciously, down the ramp.

Justin Test: " Look at how confident our World Heavyweight Champion is? It's so good to have someone like this represent our company. "

He finally gets to the end of the ramp and turns towards the ring steps. He makes his way to the apron.

Rebecca Rahming: " Oh, will you give it a rest...? "

He climbs under the ropes slowly as spotlights shine straight at him. He gets back to his feet and quickly sprints to the middle of the ring, but stops himself, throwing his arms up into the air. Justin Test gets up from his seat at the commentators desk and begins clapping for AJ Skills.

Rebecca Rahming: " What are you doing? Sit down, you look like an idiot! "

The fans give a mixed reaction to the new world heavyweight champion. He smiles and chuckles a bit as the mixed reactions turn into clear boos. He lifts the microphone to his lips, and reaches behind his back, beginning to unclasp the belt from his waist.

AJ Skills: " Hello Ladies and Gentleman.. and welcome to ORW... As you can see, I am the CHAMPION here now, which means.. I RUN THINGS.. and I just want to get one thing clear with any new comers we might have in the back.. "

AJ Skills pauses with a chuckle and looks at the fans for a minute. He scans all of them intentively for a moment before continueing to speak. They boo momentarelly, in reaction to his comments.

AJ Skills: " Shut up, SHUT UP, SHUT UP, ALL OF YOU. You all know DAMN right I EARNED this! "

He uses his hand to smack the ORW World Heavyweight Championship's plate a few times.

AJ Skills: " I EARNED this. I proved YOU wrong, I proved you wrong, I proved YOU wrong, I proved YOU wrong... "

As he says "you", he points to random people in the audiance, then points into the camera with the last one. He keeps his focus in the camera momentarely.

AJ Skills: " Tidus, more than anybody, I think I proved you wrong. I know you're probably lounging back in your La-Z-Boy, watching from home right now.. recooperating from the injuries that I caused... "

He nearly tears up as he looks down for a moment, then continueing his connection with the camera.

AJ Skills: " Most importantly.. through this.. I proved myself to ... my kids.. and myself... Daddy's still got it ... and he ain't giving it up anytime soon... "

He chuckles to himself momentarelly, then puts the microphone towards his lips once again.

AJ Skills: " How many of you watched Blood, Sweat, and Tears where I made Tidus say  "  I QUIT  " ???? "

Many of the fans scream and cheer, signifying that they had seen the match; but then begin to boo in reaction to AJ's win.

Justin Test: " I know I watched it! "

He begins to speak again, shifting his attention to the camera.

AJ Skills: " I ... Earned ... It ... "

He pauses inbetween the words. He then stops and takes a breath for a moment. He then looks out the the fans and appears to be pondering something. He continues to speak.

AJ Skills: " Usually... as most of you probably know.. in a situation like this, Tidus would normally get a rematch, and be able to try and take this back from me.. but you see.. Tidus isn't going to be showing his face in ORW anytime soon... "

He pauses once more, walking over to the ropes. He puts his forearms and elbows on the top rope, leaning on it a bit. He speaks more.

AJ Skills: " Well, with Tidus gone.. that leaves an open hole, now doesn't it... I can just sense the excitement in the backstage area already.. all of the nobodies in the back.. begging and pleading... "

He pauses for a breif second, this time to change his tone to a mocking sound.

AJ Skills: " Oh Mister Hieu, can I PLEASE get a shot at the World Title.. PLEASE... "

He switches back to his normal tone before continueing.

AJ Skills: " But you see, that's not how it WORKS in THIS federation.. to get a shot at this.. it takes.. skills.. heart.. dedication.. I want to SEE you TRY... "

He clears his throat and changes the subject.

AJ Skills: " So anyways.. I was looking at the board and it appears I haven't been scheduled for a match yet tonight.. but.. I'm kinda in a fighting mood.. "

He slowly takes his vest off and lays it on the ground near the turnbuckle. He picks the microphone back up.

AJ Skills: " Who thinks they can compete with the World Heavyweight Champion? Come on.. anybody.. this is your chance! "

He puts the microphone down to his waste, and there is a breif moment of silence.

Justin Test: " Nobody is going to want to come out and fight an enraged AJ Skills... "

Rebecca Rahming: " When isn't AJ Skills mad about something...? "

He grabs his belt and lifts it up over his head in his right arm as he smirks. He mouths the words "I'm the best". The lights in the ORW arena power off and suddenly the word "DANGER" appears on the titantron. Spotlights power on and focus on the stage as a man runs out from the backstage area to no music.

He is wearing a black tanktop with just the word "DANGER" on it. He also has a pair of black, MMA shorts and black boots. AJ drops his belt, dropping into a fighting stance, and getting ready to potentially fight. The lights turn back on as the man dives and slides into the ring.

Justin Test: " What are you doing kid, you're gonna get yourself killed! "

He gets into the ring and bolts at AJ Skills, attempting to tackle him. He does so successfully. He begins to throw punches wildy at AJ Skills while the two roll around the ring.

Rebecca Rahming: " That's it kid, get in there! "

After AJ was tackled, he dropped the microphone. He reaches and grabs it, hitting the man in the forehead with the handle multiple times. The microphone creates a loud thud over the speakers every time it smacks off the man's head. AJ finally stops, dropping the microphone onto the ground next to him. The man rolls away from AJ, holding his head with preasure. AJ hops up to his feet quickly. The man slowly grabs onto the ropes along the side of the ring. He pulls himself up to his feet eventually. The camera shows that the man has a large cut on his forehead, which is bleeding rapidly, getting into his eyes. Just as the man gets up, AJ Skills dives into the air and grabs the man's head and slams it, forcefully, into the mat with a hard bulldog.

Justin Test: " There we go, AJ! "

The man rolls around on the mat holding his face. The camera zooms into the man as he moves his hands, showing his nose busted open. AJ Skills steps back for a moment. The man begins to get to his feet. AJ rushes the man and sends a knee up to the man's stomach. The man's backside sticks out inbetween the middle and top ropes from the blow. He stays there momentarelly, still stunned by the blow. AJ Skills grabs the man by the neck and by the back. He pulls the man out from the ropes and whips him towards the corner of the ring. The man crashes hard into the turnbuckles, going face first into the top one. The collision causes the man to groggily turn around slowly. He falls a little bit, but catches himself in the corner of the ring. AJ quickly runs at the man and sends a knee up, hitting the man straight in the chin. A loud smack is heard as AJ's knee connects with the man's chin. The man's head bobs slightly, as he gets slightly dizzy. AJ sends the man to the ropes on the other side of the ring. He then goes over by the other ropes and waits. The man bounces off the opposite ropes and comes flying back at AJ. AJ ducks his head down, possitioning it inbetween the man's legs. He then picks his head up with force, causing the man to go flipping over AJ's head, and over the top rope. The man crashes, back first, on the outside of the ring.

Rebecca Rahming: " Ugh... What a hard fall! "

AJ climbs under the top rope and drops off the apron. He grabs the man and leans him up against the announcer table. He shouts at him just loud enough for the cameras to pick it up.


AJ grabs the man's shirt and rips it off of him. He throws it on the ground in anger and backhands the man's chest with force. The fans react from the blow.

Fans: " WOOO!!! "

The hit was so hard that it caused the man to colapse to the ground. AJ grabs the man again, this time grabbing him by the arm. He whips him towards the crowd baricade. The man flies over towards it, turning around due to momentum. His back smacks up against the baricade. AJ reaches over a nearby baricade and grabs a steel chair from behind it. He quickly folds it up, then puts the man back into his sights. He yells at the man with intensity


Justin Test: " AJ yelling at the man ... "You're no danger". "

He runs at the man, swinging the chair wildy. The chairshot echos loudly through the arena. The chair hits the man straight in the chest. Causing him to fall onto the floor, coughing. AJ Skills holds up the chair, high in the air. The chair has a large dent, straight in the middle of it, from where it had collided with the man's chest. He turns his head, looking at the man on the ground. He drops the chair, letting it fall and slam onto the ground. He begins walking to the man. The man gains slight conciousness, and begins using his hands to crawl backwards, away from AJ. He backs straight into the baricade. AJ bends down to grab him. The man smacks AJ hard as he bends down. AJ stands straight up after this, and turns around. He walks away from the man for a moment, placing his hands on his hips. He shakes his head and mouths to himself.

AJ Skills: " You stupid b*****d... "

AJ turns around and runs back towards the man suddenly. He leaps into the air, sending his knee first. His knee rams into the forehead of the man, causing him to smack the back of his head on the baricade. The man falls over to the side, now knocked out cold. The collision was so hard it caused the baricade to move back a few inches and tip over, almost landing ontop of an innocent fan. AJ gets up from the downed baricade and looks back to the man, accessing the situation. The camera zooms into the man's face, displaying that his full face is now covered in blood. AJ smirks and then moves towards the man. He grabs the man furiously and throws his head into his armpit.

Rebecca Rahming: " AJ is clearly trying to make a statement out of this man... and... "

AJ hooks the man's leg and quickly picks him up high into the air, holding him straight up and down momentarely. He walks, still holding the man up high over his head, over infront of the announcer desk. Rebecca and Justin scatter from the announcer table and stand nearby, still watching the action.

Justin Test: " IT'S A SKILLSPLEX! "

He finally lets his momentum shift back, slamming the man through the announcer's table, shattering it, with an insane Skillsplex. Rebecca and Justin are seen stepping back further with Justin jumping from it a bit, and shielding his face.


AJ gets up from this and quickly walks over to the ring, crawling back in. He gets to his feet and picks the microphone back up. He looks at the crowd, for a moment, breatheing deeply into the microphone. He simply looks around at everyone. He finally speaks in a low voice.

AJ Skills: " I .. am .. the danger... "

He abruptly drops the microphone and climbs under the top rope, dropping off of the apron.

Rebecca Rahming: " Well, I'll give him one thing.. he is dangerous... I wouldn't mess with AJ Skills... "

The camera man tries to follow him, but he grabs the front of the camera and spins it off towards the crowd. The camera refocuses to show him walking backwards up the ramp, looking back at the ring.

Justin Test: " Damn right he's dangerous! Do you see this body, sprawled out infront of us?? "

The camera shows the man attempting to get up from the table, but he is unable to. The camera shows AJ Skills again as a group of 4 EMTs rush out from behind him, running around him towards the man. AJ Skills smirks as he turns around and heads towards the ramp.

Justin Test: " Ever since Blood, Sweat, and Tears, AJ has seemed a bit.. different.. He seems more agressive now than he has been in his whole career. "

He stops one more time and glances down the ramp. He turns fully, facing the ring. He lifts the ORW World Heavyweight Championship up high over his head and smiles. He drops the belt, turns around, and enters the backstage area.

Rebecca Rahming: " I think he was just very prepared for his match at the pay per view, and some of his momentum must have carried on into the early parts of tonight. I understand that he has a match later tonight, so we'll just have to see if that keeps playing out for him. "

The camera shows the wreckage infront of the announcer table, as the man's body is just spilled out and mangled into the pieces of the announcer table. The EMTs arive and lower down a stretcher next to the man.

Rebecca Rahming: " Thank goodness we have doctors on the scene here, this man really doesn't look very good after that vicious beating he recieved at the hands of AJ. "

They put a backboard under the man, as well as a C Neck Brace. They load him onto the stretcher and pop it up to it's normal height.

Justin Test: " Rebecca, you see why I like AJ now? He's strong, he's competitive, he's tough, and most importantly, he is honest... "

The EMTs roll the stretcher around the ring and up the ramp. They roll it down the side-ramp and to the parking lot. Ambulance syrens are heard echoing through the arena.

Rebecca Rahming: " Well, all I can say in closure is that if AJ does do what he says he's going to do; comes out here every week, laces his boots, and fights hard to keep that belt.. he's got more gold in his future.. but if he lets this championship get to his head.. it could be very bad for him.. "

Justin Test: " Ah yes, in this business it only takes one beautiful fan girl in the audiance to distract you these days... "

Rebecca Rahming: " What? "

Justin Test: " What? Oh.. nevermind... "

The show continues.
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AJ Skills


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PostSubject: Re: I AM the Danger - AJ Skills   Tue Jul 01, 2014 8:11 pm

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I AM the Danger - AJ Skills
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