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 Interview With The Three Way

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PostSubject: Interview With The Three Way   Mon Jun 30, 2014 3:51 pm

*Gill Donaldson is standing in the ring*

Gill: "Please welcome at this time, The Three Way"

Rebecca: "Oh great these three"

Justin:"  Your just jealous ain't you"

Rebecca: "No"

*Menage Et Trois by Paloma Ford plays in the ring, the three way makes their to the ring, to a course of boo's, and enter the ring.*

Gill: "First, Dahlia let me ask you what it felt to give Danielle her first defeat in ORW"?

Dahlia: "Ding Dong the witch is dead, and I *Bleeping* love it, I suck her into my match and then I beat her ugly skanky ass. Back to the trailer park for her"

Gill: "And Earl, you defeated Degree to become the first International Ore Champion".

Earl: "Yeah, Degree put up a good fight, but in the end he proved to be no match for me"

Gill: "And Sarah you were absent from the PPV"

Sarah: "I was taking care of other business, that being the post PPV celebration".

Dahlia: "Yeah, Earl and I went back to the room, Sarah was siting on the bed in nothing but her undies, so we got naked and did it till dawn"

Gill: "Dawn"?

Sarah: "Oh hell yeah, we can go all night"

Earl: "Except when the manager come and told us to keep it down, because people were complaining about the noise"

Gill: "And you three"?

Dahlia: "We kept going at it of course"

Sarah: "No sense in stopping til your done"

Gill: "Wow, so what are your plans for this season"?

Earl: "I what to use this belt as a stepping stone to the heavyweight title"

Dahlia: "I wanna continue whipping ass"

Sarah: "I'll stick to being the best manager, girlfriend and lover that I am"

Gill: "Thank-you for your time"

Earl: "Yeah"

*The three way leave the ring arm in arm*
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Interview With The Three Way
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