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 Carmen Kaline Bio

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Carmen Kaline


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PostSubject: Carmen Kaline Bio   Thu Mar 06, 2014 1:02 am

Username:  Carmen Kaline

Wrestler's Ring Name:  Carmen Kaline

Height:  5'5

Weight:  124lbs.

Hometown:  Toronto, Canada

Face or Heel:  Heel

Finishing Moves:  Samoan Drop

Entrance Music:  "The only way to be" - Save Ferris

Biography:  Carmen is a sassy go-getter that is willing to get whatever she wants by doing the least amount of work possible.  What I mean by that is she isn't beneath cheating, rolling-up her opponent, or by seducing them into a trap if it means walking away with a victory.  She is most famous for her cunning and sneaky mentality, in addition to her overly sexual explicit persona.  Countless men have become victims to her beauty, and if she has things her way many more will also.
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Carmen Kaline Bio
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