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 Pince's Bio

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PostSubject: Pince's Bio   Sat Mar 01, 2014 10:03 pm

Username: Prince

Wrestler's Ring Name: : Prince Shredder


Weight: 230 lbs

Hometown: Oheka Castle, Long Island, New York

Face or Heel?: Heel

Finishing Moves: Future King, Shredder, Crown The Prince

Entrance Music: Underground King - Drake

Biography: Prince was born into a royal family. With his birth, he became 4th in line for the throne. It's not until 24 years later, that the 2nd, and 3rd ones in line died from shots to the head by a masked man. His father, the king, told him, he couldn't become king until he becomes a successful wrestler. Things start to heat up between Prince and his father. He later told the king that he killed the 2nd and 3rd ones in line. Prince also later changed his ring name to Prince Shredder.
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Pince's Bio
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