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 The ORW originals :)

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Some Random Guy

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PostSubject: The ORW originals :)   Fri Jul 05, 2013 10:20 am

I was just thinking of who was here at ORW since it first started, so here's the very first roster of ORW (kinda).

Death Rattle
Duke Badass
Gelatinous Cube
Some Random Guy
Gregory Star
Andrew Anderson/ Flava Flav
Falcon Pimp
Justin Martinez
Redking/ RVD Rob Van Dam
Theseus Blade
Travis Adams
Quick John Silver/ Cassius Clay
Aiban Orton
Ultimate War
Cliff Dragon
Jim Lahey
Faze Lewis
D Skill Smithy
Dartth Prime
Immortal Kabuko
Zozzone Mascherato
Gary Arron

I may have missed some people out, sorry if I did. This was just a nice little post for those people that were taking up the spaces while we got on the road. ORW! Smile

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The ORW originals :)
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