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 Andy's Bio

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PostSubject: Andy's Bio   Thu May 30, 2013 10:18 pm

Name: Andy
Age: 24
Alignment: Face
Music: Stand By Me by Ben E. King

Gimmick: A kind gentle beast who has respect for his older brother Hieu. Everyone else do not want to fight because you don't want the horns.

Bio: Andy had no friends as a kid, just his brother. He felt alone in school, he was bullied and he had to do something about it. One day at school a person bumped Andy. He started calling him names and Andy went off. It was a flash. What Happened? The kid was on the ground nothing else to say. After that, Andy had respect from everyone just so he won't beat them up.

~Andy grabs his opponent's ankle
twisting the foot executing an Ankle Twist Breaker

~Andy grabs the adversary Belly to Back
performing a series of three linked German Suplex, executing a Modified Multiple German Suplex

executing Andy's Ultimate Destroyer

executing Don't Fight the Horns

executing Giving Pain
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Andy's Bio
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