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 Randy Swofford's Bio

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PostSubject: Randy Swofford's Bio   Thu May 30, 2013 8:30 pm

Name: Randy Swofford

Height: 6'4"
Weight: 243 lbs

Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA

Alignment: Heel

Finisher; Breathless Adoration

Bio: Randy is a third generation wrestler. His Grandfather, his three uncles, and his father were all wrestlers as well though they were all well respected jobbers during the territory days.

His parents did not want him to follow the wrestling path due to the state of the industry and it's hazards both physically and mentally. Randy insisted he be trained and secretly began training under the guidance of Edward Dryden, an old friend of the Swofford family and a manager/agent/former promoter.

Randy left his family to take the show on the road when his parents discovered that he was training behind their backs in Ed's dojo.

His first tour was in the now defunct DPW where he successfully won his first confrontation/feud against another up and comer by the name of Damien Roberts.

His second tour was four seasons in the now defunct AWF where he defeated Farhan for the AWF Warrior of the Ring Championship and Wild Muta for the AWF Destiny Championship.

Randy joined GCW immediately after AWF shut down. There Randy dominated his first two opponents and was looking forward to chasing and attaining the GCW Golden Chamionship but once again found himself without a federation as Sami Midas was unable to keep the fledgling fed afloat.

Ed and Randy have now signed with ORW. The toll of moving from fed to fed has made them cynical, frustrated and even more desparate to achieve their goal of holding on to a major title and becoming the most important figure in the business today.
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Randy Swofford's Bio
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