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 The Ace, Tidus's bio

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PostSubject: The Ace, Tidus's bio   Sun May 26, 2013 7:35 pm

For those who are not aware, I am Auron, Tidus, and Rikku in TWG(Auron being my main and Tidus and Rikku being alts).
Name: Tidus
Age: 23
Alignment: Tweener, leans Face
Entrance Music: Ladies and Gentleman by Saliva

Gimmick: Happy-go-lucky and confident in his abilities, he will go out of his way to prove himself. Contrary to his "teacher" Auron, he's extremely talkative and, sometimes, his mouth will get him into trouble. He knows when to get serious and will go out of his way to help any in need.

Bio/Condensed Fed history: Tidus admired his father, who was a wrestler, and had always planned to follow in his footsteps. This feeling was intensified when his father was mortally injured in a freak accident during a tag match. Auron, his father's tag partner at the time, appeared and helped Tidus get through the tough times. A few years later, Tidus decided it was time to accomplish his dream. He said good-bye to Auron and headed off to the indys. He made it to the Pros, having an undefeated season at UKWR. He then reunited with Auron at BWF. Tidus won the Chaos Championship...which ended up corrupting him. Auron became GM of BWF and with Tidus going against everything Auron taught him, their relationship became strained. Tidus lost the Chaos Championship to Ben Dover at the next PPV, which broke him...and with Auron losing BWF soon after, it became too much and Tidus decided to leave...to get a fresh start. Unfortunately, Auron had him placed at GCW, which meant that he couldn't start anew on his own terms. He pretended to have gone crazy, threw a tournament, and bet his career, all so he can begin anew on his own terms. He got his wish, but GCW closed soon after anyways. Tidus has arrived at ORW to make a name for himself, by himself.
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The Ace, Tidus's bio
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