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 GC's Guide

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Gelatinous Cube


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PostSubject: GC's Guide   Mon May 20, 2013 8:51 am

This is a collection of my experiences about the TWG.
Direct Damage increaser
One of the main stats. If you're hitting more than 80% of your attacks and blocking/dodging 10+ times per match, considering putting your available skill points on DDi.

Finishers are a special move that requires adrenaline to be activated.

You get an extra Exp star each time you use it.
You can edit this move, so no other move will deal so much damage as this one, nor have so much AB.

You need adrenaline gain (Rage, Inner Rage) in order to be able to use the finisher, which could be used to increase other important skills.

My opinion:
I think that one should choose between having 0% or focus over 50% on this skill. Although it’s unusual to not use finisher, it’s better to have none at all than spend 5% of the Strength skills on Rage, making the finisher quite inferior to the normal moves.
On the other side, focusing 100% on adrenaline gain will make it hard for your wrestler to survive until the finisher is activated.

Unstoppable blow (AB)
You’re missing over 40% of your attacks? It’s time to increase this stat.
Stiff Blow (Bleed)

Berserker/Frenzied Urge
Both increase the number of attacks per sequence. Berserker increases the chance of hitting 1 more time and Frenzied Urge increases the total number of attacks. In the cases where the wrestler doesn't use submissions neither has any initiative, but heavily relies on block/dodge, the berseker & FUrge should be 0.

Dodge vs Block
Both help to nullify an opponent’s attack, regaining the initiative. This is particularly useful if you want to start your attack sequence in a good position, rather than in the opening position (when the sequence is interrupted).
Although they both are coveted, having both is not as efficient as putting all your efforts on only one of them. The reason is when you’re attacked with an AB of 50, the computer “throws” a 50 sided dice for him and 2 dices for your dodge and block skills. Imagine you have 20 on dodge and 20 on block. Your chances to nullify the attack are 50%. If you have all the points focused on 1 skill, you would have a nullifying chance of 57% (4/7).
It starts paying off when you pass level 10, when most of the Exp points starts being more important than the skill points.

Feint / Pacification
They are the opposite of the Berserker / F.Urge and complement the dodge/block skills. Their immediate disadvantage is that when you interrupt the attack sequence you start from the opening position. The advantage is that it doesn’t wear off when you end up with no stamina.
So having Feint/Pacification will improve your chance survival when both wrestlers reach red.

The stronger is your wrestler (especially when your finisher starts eating up large chunks of your stamina), the more useful this skill becomes. This skill is important to be trained soon as it can’t be increased with Exp points. (Limited to 90)

Toughness/ Thick Skin (DR / HP)
Both skills help you live longer. The advantage of HP over DR is that DR decreases as your stamina gets depleted.
The most effective way of using this skills is:
- if you have 1000 HP, HP is twice more important than DR, so it’s well balanced to have like 7/14 on toughness/Thick Skin
- if you have 2000 HP, HP is equally important as DR, so it’s well balanced to have like 30/30 on toughness/Thick Skin
- If you have more than 2000 HP, you probably will increase this skills with Exp points, as from this point only Toughness(Damage Resistance (AT)) should be used.

This will let a move you have to become quite powerful, so use for the best moves that are available to you, don’t use moves from Opening position, standing, out-of-the-ring, ropes, as the TM move will not get much experience or it will not be as damaging as a stronger one.

Invitational vs Personal Trainer
Both ways are a good way to get money in TWG. But which one is best?
Personal Trainer is best used if you use the 9 matches and usually is the most best earning method as it is also unlimited

Entrances vs Special Abilities
Most of your FE will be better spent on Entrances (and thus more Exp points to be spent on advanced techniques) than on special abilities. The reason is that it lasts forever and are activated from the beginning of the match.
The only time that investing in Special Abilities is desirable is when you have 20 TP’s and you want to power level (level up several times in a short time, like leveling up 3 times within a week). My advice is to have at least 5% accuracy in every special activity that you activate. Sometimes you want to do this as you’ll receive more Exp per match and you’ll also receives lots of FE for defeating a master.

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Gelatinous Cube


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PostSubject: Re: GC's Guide   Sun Jun 30, 2013 11:23 am

Did you ever wanted to see the (almost) full list of the movements in only 1 page?

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Gelatinous Cube


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PostSubject: Re: GC's Guide   Sun Jun 30, 2013 11:27 am

And here's the 2nd part

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Gelatinous Cube


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PostSubject: Re: GC's Guide   Sun Jun 30, 2013 11:35 am

and the third part

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PostSubject: Re: GC's Guide   Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:24 pm

Nice GC Smile
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PostSubject: Re: GC's Guide   

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GC's Guide
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