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 Fresh Start

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Cliff Dragon


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PostSubject: Fresh Start   Sat Jul 05, 2014 4:16 pm

DK Jr is talking to Charity Modestine, they are in the middle of a conversation

DK: So I jump from title shots to being a jobber. It's insane, this company treats me like dirt but I keep on taking it.

Charity: Well you'll have to work your way back up the ranks...

DK cuts her off

DK: No, no they know I'm and amazing wrestler so why can't they just give me a shot.

Charity: I don't think they can keep giving you title shots till you win, It...

DK cuts her off again

DK: Why not, I deserve this title! I've been here since the beginning!

Charity: No you haven't, Dragon Kid Sr was here before you...

DK begins to cut her off

Charity: NO! DON'T CUT ME OFF! You're a big bully, just go away!

DK: God damn it feels like this whole company is against me.

DK Jr sulks off
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Fresh Start
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