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 A New Beast In Town!!!

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Buzz Magnum

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PostSubject: A New Beast In Town!!!   Sat Jul 05, 2014 7:22 am

An Unknown Entrance Music Plays.

Rebecca Rahming: Whose Entrance music is this Justin, it's unusual to my ears???

Justin Test: I don't know but, there were rumors of a new signing.

A tall, Muscular, Handsome man comes out to the stage looking at the spectators with a wild smile.

Justin Test: Oh! no, not him.

Rebecca Rahming: What happened,Justin?

Justin Test: He is the wrestler whom I was talking about last week.

Rebecca Rahming: Is he "The Buzz Magnum"??

Justin Test: Yes! he is the hardcore legend. He is a beast. He has destroyed each wrestler who had came in his way. He is a popular man, he was in MWP, COFW and also in BBWA. And now he is in ORW. He doesn't seems good at the moment and I think he wouldn't like a defeat in his first match here against Alex Riley.

???: Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen.

Crowd: Roar!

???: For the last few weeks, I was trying to settle a contract with ORW. Last week Mr. Hieu offered a contract to me and said "The time has come".

Crowd: Roar!

???: Let me introduce myself my name is Buzz Magnum and I am here to win. I don't like people messing with me and if my mind gets loosened than no one can save you from me because I will beat you until your death.

Crowd: Boo! Boo!

Buzz Magnum: Alex Riley, the wrestler who is standing on the ring who is ready to fight me isn't knowing who I am and what can I do to him. Alex, this is my first match in here and you also know that I wouldn't like a defeat today so, don't try much harder and if you do so, you won't be standing after that match.

Crowd: Boo!

Alex Riley: Hey! Hey! Hey! Buzzy or whatever your name is, I am sorry to say but you are a big mouth and if your chit chat has been finished then let's start the match.

Crowd: Yeah!

Rebecca Rahming: He wouldn't liked it I think so.

Buzz Magnum: Here comes your pain Alex, and pray till your last breath.

Crowd: Yeah!
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PostSubject: Re: A New Beast In Town!!!   Sat Jul 05, 2014 2:30 pm

ALEX:"Ha pain, dude the only pain i am feeling right now..is the one in my head from that crap you just put out boy.Now its not my first match here and it wont be my last.You want to come in here and get your "first win" you were paired with the wrong guy dude so lets get it on"!

A-ride drops the mic and gets ready to fight as the crowed go wild
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Buzz Magnum

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PostSubject: Re: A New Beast In Town!!!   Sat Jul 05, 2014 3:37 pm

Justin Test: This match will be exciting.

Rebecca Rahming: I think a new rivalry has build up here today.

Justin Test: Whatever will be the result, we will enjoy the every moment of it.

Rebecca Rahming: That's for sure.
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PostSubject: Re: A New Beast In Town!!!   

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A New Beast In Town!!!
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