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 I am here tonight to wage war

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PostSubject: I am here tonight to wage war   Sat Jul 05, 2014 2:48 am

"Losing Sleep" by Vangelis Way hits the P.A. system as the fans let out a chorus of boos at Pluto who makes his way out from behind the curtain. Hands in the pocket of his beige blazer, Pluto slowly walks down to the ring before stopping at ringside and stares at the crowd members at ringside. He stares at their multiple signs, chuckling here and there are some he believes are "clever." Moving on, Pluto steps up the steps into the ring and beckons for the microphone from Rinko who obliges.

Pluto just tilts the microphone back and forth in his hand while nodding as the fans continue booing him. He just shrugs his shoulder and takes a spot in the corner and leans into the turnbuckles until their is a large enough gap in the boos for Pluto to being speaking.

"I believe I said a few weeks ago it was rude to interrupt someone who was speaking. It is also rude to deny someone the opportunity to speak because you do not want to his opinion if only because it disagrees with yours. Now if I had broken some form of rule and gotten my microphone cut off, more power to you all, but when I come out here to do my job, I honestly expect to at least be able to speak."

He pauses as he expects a chorus of boos to begin again, and though there are a few throughout the arena, they did not start up in such magnitude. Though more than likely due to the crowd members catching their breath still or not feeling like taking part in a chant again, as opposed to Pluto's opinion on manners. Though taking advantage of the absence of excess noise, Pluto continues on.

"Now out here tonight, I could continue to insult those who I will call my foes tonight, but that is not a proper way of doing things. After all, if all the happens is two or three men bashing each other time after time again, this would only turn us into snobby teenage girls fighting over something insignificant. Or I could go on about the Project Pluto and my plans to rip away the curtain of lies that are constantly put up. However, I honestly have no desire to do that tonight. I will be honest, I came out here just to irritate you people....when I saw that i had extra time before my match tonight, I decided to "entertain" you all with my presence."

Now refreshed and aware of Pluto just being there to piss some of them off, the crowd echoes into boos once more. Pluto has a hearty laugh at their trouble and just nods his head before climbing out of the ring and handing the mic back to Rinko. The music begins to play as Rinko drops the microphone and immediately grabs Pluto by his hair and pulls him in to her lips
The camera would go to zoom in on them both as Rinko merely pushes the camera out of his way as the screen fades to darkness as the promo ends.
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I am here tonight to wage war
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