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 New start new sort of fight

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PostSubject: New start new sort of fight   Wed Jul 02, 2014 11:48 pm

The lights lower as the camera shows a figure sitting on his customized motorbike in the garage talking on the mobile.As the camera moves closer the people see its Alex Riley.Wearing the leather coat and black pants,white t-shirt and the avatars hanging down of the top of the shirt

A-RIDE:"What? ya man am out first..ya man don,t worry i got this am cool.What? what you mean who am i facing?what,s that matter man.LooK they have not got a chance man, new season new guy new moves bro so chill and stick to advertising man! and making money,ya cool talk later dude.!"

A-ride sighs and puts away the mobile and shakes his head.Grabbing his gear bag he smurks and walks inside as the camera fades
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New start new sort of fight
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