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 The Mysterious Stranger

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PostSubject: The Mysterious Stranger   Wed Jul 02, 2014 12:07 pm

The lights come up on the empty ring.  The fans in the audience don't know quite what to expect.  Suddenly the lights dim, and a fog begins to billow down the ramp.  A figure appears at the top of the ramp, his face obscured by a hood, and approaches the ring to the sounds of ominous Latin chanting.  He grabs a microphone and enters the ring.

Figure: How do you like the accent?

The arena doesn't quite know how to respond to this.

Figure: Don't worry, you'll hear my real voice soon enough.  It's great to be back here in the ORW, I must say.  And my client, who I am sure that you will recognize, also appreciates being back.  We were surprised and pleased to get the invitation from Hieu.  And I think that we are going to have a lot of fun.  That's what all of you want, isn't it?

The fans begin to cheer.

Figure: Then that's just what you'll get!  My client will be here any...minute...now...

Suddenly, the ominous Latin chanting and fog appear again.  The arena awaits the new arrival with anticipation.  At the top of the ramp, a second hooded figure appears.

Figure: Behold my client.  Behold the B...

However, this figure has a microphone and begins to speak with a strange voice as he approaches the ring.

Hooded Figure: Don't give it away now!  I am here to be a powerful force in the ORW!  And I would love to know who thinks that they will stand in my way!  But enough about all of that...I think that everyone wants to see who I am, and hear my real voice.  And perhaps hear some familiar music?

"(How to be a) Millionaire" hits, and the arena erupts in cheers, and soon everyone is standing.  The lights come back up to full strength.  The hooded figure throws off his costume and reveals himself as none other than S. D. Coleman!

Coleman: Did you miss me?

The arena roars its approval, and Coleman gets into the ring.

Coleman: Now that's an entrance, and that's a welcome!  Thank you all, it's great to be back!

The fans continue to voice their appreciation.

Coleman: Thank you so much.  But now, Cael, don't you want to get out of your costume?

And the hooded figure in the ring removes his costume, to show that he is indeed Cael Wheeler.

Wheeler: I told you all that this was going to be fun!  You know what else will be fun?  Never using that accent again!

Coleman: It wasn't that bad.  But now that I have returned to the ORW, I have one thing that needs to be said...

Wheeler: That you're going to put your opponent through a world of pain?

Coleman: Well, yes...But this year, I plan to make my mark!  I want to be seen as a legitimate threat, a force to be reckoned with.  And it will happen.  Look, I'm Stewart D. Coleman.  Of course I'll give you the truth, and the truth is that I'm ready for anything and anyone that crosses my path!

The fans continue to cheer.

Coleman: And that means that I'm ready for my opponent.  I look forward to meeting you in the ring, Death Rattle.  Why don't you come out here right now?

Coleman awaits the arrival of Death Rattle, as Wheeler exits the ring.
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The Mysterious Stranger
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